Potency stimulation

Stimulation of potency becomes an important issue for men who have reached the age of forty or fifty. Often this problem worries their wives and girlfriends even more. Today we will see what are potency drugs and natural ways to increase their level.

how to stimulate a man with weak potency


You can stimulate potency in men in the following ways:

  • Fast environments. They help to fill the genital area with blood. The action begins quickly, it is necessary to drink a tablet for potency immediately before sexual intercourse. They can cause addiction, negatively affect blood pressure, heart and blood vessels.
  • synthetic hormones. Testosterone is the most important hormone for stimulating potency in men. If you have a low level, all other drugs will only have a symptomatic effect.
  • Proper nutrition, enough vitamins and minerals. Some micronutrients are directly involved in how male testicles produce testosterone. For example, selenium and zinc are needed by a person in large quantities.
  • Sports exercises that stimulate hormonal changes. Movements in the pelvic area activate good blood circulation, stimulate normal potency.
  • Massage and acupuncture. The points, the stimulation of which helps restore the erection of the male penis, are located, for example, in the area of the feet.
  • Folk methods and nutritional supplements for potency. These are very dubious ways to restore stable potency and treat erectile dysfunction. However, they can be used as an additional treatment.


On the market you can find a large number of means to increase male potency. Many of them are available without a prescription, while others require great care when used. To choose a drug for potency, it is better to consult a doctor in advance.

In fact, different causes of low potency require different treatments.

Fast-acting tablets

Medicines work within 30-60 minutes after taking. Significantly improves blood circulation and the body's response to excitement. The effect can last from a few hours to over 24 hours.

These means have a good effect on male potency, but you cannot get used to them. If you have a problem, don't forget to treat it. With such means you will help yourself in just one night. Instead of spending a lot of money on these medicines, it is better to start exercising and eating right to cure prostatitis.

You should especially not take such pills to young people with normal potency. Yes, it will make you more active in bed. But there is a possibility that it will lose this effect in the future. And over time, a psychological dependence on the drug will develop. Which also has a weak but negative effect on the body.

hormone therapy

Artificial testosterone is mainly needed by men who have crossed the border of forty to fifty years. At this time, potency in men weakens. The so-called "male menopause" occurs, during which the natural production of sex hormones decreases.

These drugs must be taken under strict medical supervision. It is especially important to pay attention to the dose and time of application. Hormonal therapy to increase male potency works only in a regular and regular course. You cannot take a testosterone pill or injection right before sex.

Any external hormone can have unexpected side effects. You may gain weight or become overly irritable. Any such changes should be reported to your doctor. The most serious contraindication for taking hormones is increased blood clotting. In this case, testosterone can cause venous thrombosis.

natural stimulation

The right set of trace elements plays an important role in testosterone production, blood circulation and treatment of prostatitis. These mainly include vitamins B, C, D and E, as well as the minerals selenium and zinc.

food for potency stimulation

All the necessary substances can be found in the following foods:

  • Meat. The most suitable are low-fat pastries, chicken breast. Additional stimulation of potency will create hot and spicy spices, herbs. Meat proteins are necessary for maintaining the proper functioning of the male body and good potency.
  • Sea food. It was already known among medieval ladies that feeding your husband oysters meant getting an unforgettable night.
  • nuts. This product contains special fatty acids that help maintain potency and stimulate testosterone production.
  • Citrus fruits, pomegranate and figs. 100 grams of this fruit a day will work better than most nutritional supplements.

Folk methods

Healers of the past were aware of plants whose extracts helped even the elderly regain potency and youth. Remember that such ingredients will not turn into a medicine, for example, for inflammation of the prostate. But they can help to achieve a normal sexual desire and a good level of potency.

Among the simple ways to increase male potency at home are:

  • Tincture of ginseng for alcohol, which can be found in any pharmacy. Take thirty drops per 250 ml of water. We repeat twice a day. The course of treatment lasts at least a month, but after that you will notice a permanent improvement in potency.
  • Dubrovnik. Grind six spoons, pour 500 ml of boiling water. We insist on thirty minutes. Such a decoction should be drunk three times a day, at least a few sips.
  • Tincture of common lemon balm. Two teaspoons are boiled with a glass of boiling water and infused for about seven hours. It is necessary to drink 750 ml per day, divided into three doses.
  • A good way of stimulation will be the usual mulled wine. The main thing is not to get too carried away with the alcoholic component and not to drink more than a few glasses. The important thing is that the red wine is good. Such mulled wine must contain honey, cinnamon and cloves. The spices and the warming effect will quickly do their job.


massage to stimulate potency

Ask your partner for a simple massage to stimulate your strength:

  • The first point is located in the groin, between the anal region and the scrotum. Before stimulating this area, rub your hands together; they will heat up, this will increase the effect. Make circular motions, first clockwise and then counter-clockwise. Ideally, if you touch and apply pressure to all eight sacral foramina at the same time.
  • Let's move on to the pubic massage. By stimulating this area, we increase the level of testosterone. We are on the edge of the seat, the three of us together again. One hand holds the testicles and warms them. The second performs circular massage movements in the area above the pubic bone. According to Eastern medicine, it is necessary to perform thirty-six movements in each direction.

Prostate massage should not be underestimated:

  • The man gets on all fours, touching his hips with his stomach.
  • The partner or doctor lubricates the finger with lubricant or ordinary petroleum jelly.
  • Insert your finger about an inch deep into the rectum through the sphincter.
  • Look for a small lump.
  • First, massage each side of the prostate in turn.
  • The movement must be performed from the top down.
  • Then we start to move the finger, describing the eight, pressing the prostate.
  • The pressure gets stronger with each round.
  • The massage ends with caressing in the center.

The massage procedure is performed well if a few drops of prostate fluid come out of the penis. The session lasts about two minutes, the procedure needs to be done every other day. The course of treatment is from ten to fifteen sessions.


Oriental methods of reflexology are also of great importance. Find the power stimulation points in your legs. There are only two of them, the first one is in the middle of the foot. To find the second, move from the first point towards the inside of the foot.

Massage them with your thumb, in circular motions, with palpable pressure. You can confirm that this is the case by focusing on your own feelings. Acupuncture points are always the most sensitive and painful.

Sports loads

It is impossible to underestimate how physical activity affects a man. They not only affect the physical side of the problem, but also improve blood circulation and directly cause the release of testosterone. Potency also improves as the man again feels like a man fighting for sports victories.

sport for potency stimulation

The energy charges are enough to stimulate sexual desire, which leads to an anabolic effect. Here the bar will be better displayed. In contrast, endurance cardio reduces testosterone levels and strength.