Experience in the use of Amarok

Ilya Scarlet, Minsk:

Feedback on the use of Amarok

"Early on potency did not complain, but last year I was shattered. Not that all was denied, but the work was incorrect. I could not tune, then a member had a fall or I will immediately end.

Decided to start with something and bought Amarok. First read use experience from our customers in the store and realized that he was ready to try.

General impressions: Amarok still working!

My experience using generally positive. Potency has failed, not always, but regularly, which made me suspicious. Pharmacy chemistry immediately dismissed – decided that the age is not that good yet.

How to use Amarok:

  • to drink;
  • every day for 3 times;
  • not to miss;
  • drink water.

Added Amarok cocktail

Capsule to promote male sexual function, work fast in the early days realized that it is on the mend. In the end, used the product a month and a half, no problems for six months.

For efficiency I supplemented the case with a drink with lemon and ginger. The use of capsules contraindications not enough, so I decided to enhance the effect.

Overall satisfied with the result, the side effects in connection with the addition of therapy of folk remedies is not noticed.

The pros and cons Amarok

Advantages of money much – natural, really helps, side effects I had. Unlike chemistry, the heart beats. Cons – a considerable price taking into account the duration of the course, but all at once, I understand, to sense will not be much.