Usage instructions Amarok

To Amarok the instructions are simple – how to use the capsules, you figure it out without a doctor and, more importantly, the health risks will not. Use can be regular or one-time (as needed).

Regimen Amarok

Instructions for receiving Amarok

The key to successful treatment of – regularity. Key recommendations:

  • to take capsules only in good health;
  • do not exceed a dosage;
  • drink water facility.

The average length of treatment is 2 months, you can repeat the course after a break. The constant use of the capsules to achieve consistent and lasting results you need to drink three times a day.

Indications and contraindications

Capsule to promote male sexual function, will help with any problems with potency, can be used as a preventive measure. Because the all-natural, there are no contraindications, but need to monitor individual reactions, to avoid possible intolerance. For delivery in Poland, please fill out an application.